Our Services

Our Services

Van Daal engineering is your entrusted partner in the automation of your production processes. We offer our expertise and successful way of working during all the phases of your industrial automation, from initiation and definition to development, implementation and aftercare.

Project Initiation and Definition

For the purpose of budget determination, we analyze the production process in consultation with the client. The following aspects are thereby considered:

  1. The automation concept, both the production process and safety.
  2. The hardware (mechanical and electrical) which is currently present and/or still has to be purchased.
  3. The operational and visualization requirements.
  4. A fitting network structure.
  5. Additional requirements based on legal regulations.

This analysis forms the basis for the following deliverables:

  • A budget quotation from van Daal engineering for the execution and/or a budget reservation.
  • A functional system design that allows you to inquire competitive and comparable quotations.
  • A plan of action in the form of a phasing proposal, potentially used for a distribution of the required budgets across multiple cost items and/or time periods.
Development and Implementation Projects

Projects can be carried out both for a new (still to be build) and existing production lines or installations. Such projects can, among others, have to following topics:

  • The control of a production line.
  • The design of a process visualization and operator control interface.
  • The design of a safety system.
  • The development of a MES application.
  • The development of a process data registration system.

On the basis of a (global) functional description together with a reconciliation interview van Daal engineering is able to development and implement the automation of a (partial) production process by following our 7 steps process.

Maintenance and Modifications

In addition to the complete development and implementation of a (partial) production line, van Daal engineering offers its service for the maintenance, modification and improvement of your existing systems/machines.

Following comments and questions from the production and technical service team (end users) modifications are made to optimize the production process.

Common modifications are:

  • Small improvements and/or extensions.
  • Corrections to the functionality.
  • Additional alarms/notifications.
  • Periotic checks of analog measurements and/or drives (calibration in cooperation with the technical support team of the client).

In extension to an automation project we offer additional aftercare in the shape of:

  • The instruction of operators and the technical support team.
  • The creation of manuals.
  • Troubleshooting on site or via online tools.

These services can be put together before, during or after a project’s execution.


In addition to project work from our office in Heythuysen (The Netherlands) we offer the possibility to place one or multiple engineers on location to perform tasks such as:

  • Project coordination
  • Project execution
  • Automation support
  • Technical advice
  • Troubleshooting

Arrangements can be made for both short and long periods of time, variating from several hours a week to full working weeks.

Our Expertise

The knowledge acquired since our foundation in 1997 has provided us with a profound expertise in industrial automation. You can contact us for:

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