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About van Daal engineering

Van Daal engineering is an engineering firm which specializes in the industrial automation within the production industry. It is our believe that tools for everyday use should be efficient, reliable, easy to use and easy to maintain. We achieve this by:

  • Continuous reconciliation with our customers.
  • Extensive process knowledge in combination with system theory.
  • Modular programming with a view to the future.
  • Inhouse development and testing of the application software.

Our strength is found in achieving optimal coherence between all elements of your production process. We continuously challenge the status quo of the technical possibilities to find the optimal solution. This approach has, since the founding in 1997, led to many successful projects for a versatile clientele, both nationally and internationally.

Our Team

Hans van Daal

Director / System Designer

+31 (0)88-282 0801

Paul Metsemakers

Operational Manager

+31 (0)88-282 0808

Peter Weekers

System Designer

+31 (0)88-282 0802

Thijs Derckx

System Designer

+31 (0)88-282 0805

Sander van der Vorst

System Designer

+31 (0)88-282 0803

Robert van Delden

System Designer

+31 (0)88-282 0804

Bert van den Hende


+31 (0)88-282 0806

Sander Tillie


+31 (0)88-282 0807

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