Upgrade Multistacker using a Simulation

Rockwool B.V. is a large-scale producer of stone wool, mainly used in insulation products. The production process starts with the making of a long blanket of stone wool, which is then cut to size in individual plates. Between production batches the composition and/or size of the plates (length/width/thickness) differs depending on the end product. The stacker stacks the plates according to the desired stack size. The made stack is presented to the pallet stacker, which places it on a pallet, or passes it to the packing machine. The stacker and the pallet stacker are collectively called the Multistacker.

Upgrade Multistacker using a Simulation

In 2016, the Multistacker required large-scale maintenance. In addition to changes to the mechanical configuration, the functionality of the four S5 PLCs (providing the process control) was combined in one new S7 PLC. This software conversion has been executed by van Daal engineering.

Because of a large number of sensors and product specific parameters the commissioning would have taken a lot of time, which meant that the production line would have come to a standstill for some time. To shorten this time considerably, it was decided to build a process simulation of the Multistacker in TrySim. The control software has extensively been tested before commissioning, including the variation in products.

Upgrade Multistacker using a Simulation

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